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 Scalzi Hospitality Corp.

"I used Moscone Law to help negotiate lease terms in a commercial lease agreement. Not only did he help me gain favorable lease terms but he did so with constant communication and professionalism. I would highly recommend using his services for any business needs."
Raffaele Scalzi

Criminal Representation

"Because of a horrible decision I made, it has been an arduous time.  The only bright spot was having attorney Moscone in my corner.  There are no words to describe his dedication, he followed up immediately with every request.  In addition to doing everything possible to ensure matters were handled properly, he was genuinely concerned with my welfare.  You will be fortunate to have someone of his caliber representing you."

Criminal Representation

(Client wished to remain confidential)

Luxury Belle Studios, LLC

"My experience  with AJ of Moscone Law was nothing short of amazing.  He quickly and efficiently helped me with my first commercial  lease in Brookline.  AJ clearly explained what my lease entailed and always wanted to give my business the best terms possible.  Overall, AJ was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely use his services in the near future.  AJ is well-versed in commercial leases and is will fight for the best interests of his client."

Boston Amici Group

"Our Restaurant Group used Attorney Moscone’s services in acquiring a liquor license in the city of Boston.  A.J walked us through the entire process. He guided us through neighborhood meetings and city meetings and secured our liquor license. To any restaurant looking for this service I highly recommend using Moscone Law."

Mivan Spencer
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